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Building a retaining wall is a great DIY job. It can be hard work, but it's a good, simple, satisfying job that if done properly will look good and stay strong for 

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Steps for building a retaining wall. Add 3-feet for the hole depth and you know you need a 7-foot tall post. Cut the post to length. Plan for the 

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Retaining walls over 1.5m high will require a building consent from the Local Body Council. Walls that carry Wall. Height. Sawn Timber. Square Pile Size. Max. Spacing. Hole depth. Hole Dig or auger the foundation holes. Depth of Set the posts at the recommended 1:10 inclination from vertical towards the bank. Fix.

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Once the posts are cut, then lay them aside, and dig the holes you need on each side of the retaining wall area. They should be 18 inches deep. Set the posts 

How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Building a wood retaining wall can keep your topsoil from washing away down Consider the following when researching how to build a wood retaining wall. Dig a shallow trench for water drainage between the place where your posts will 

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For a low retaining wall, the posts must go 100 mm into the ground for every 100 Start the holes by digging a 500 x 500 x 100 mm deep area around the post 

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Pressure treated wood should only be used for low retaining walls and limited to Dig the holes for the support posts no more than 3 feet apart. inches longer than the depth of your holes plus the height of the retaining wall.

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A retaining wall made with timber posts can add style and extra seating to your yard . . Dig a foundation trench for the first row of timbers (image 3). When the bottom row of timbers are in place, use a power drill and a spade bit to drill two 

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Constructing a retaining wall out of upright sleepers is pretty The depth of the trench depends on the height of the wall, and the pressure of Simply dig a hole and fix the vertical retaining posts (or sleepers) in with concrete.

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One of the first steps in building your concrete retaining wall is digging the post hole for the steel upright supports. The bobcat and drill 

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I have the one side built and concreted in, now are build side 2.

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Set up a stringline to use as a guide then position a base sleeper in each end post. Position the joiner posts then dig 550mm deep holes and concrete them into 

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Building a retaining wall isn't a job to tackle lightly here's some essential tips and Posts or piles should be 125mmx125mm (you can get away with and at least a metre deep (or at least the same depth as the wall height).

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With string line still in place, check the alignment of all posts with a spirit level. 1010mm deep. Set pegs at each end of the retaining wall site and connect.

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metre high wall the posts are 2.4 metres long. You will A well constructed retaining wall can be both a functional asset clay (which will squeeze between the fingers when grasped) of the difficulty of digging suitable holes. SOIL TYPES.

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Perfect for walls up to 900mm tall Count up the number and kinds of Retaining Posts you need, At the marked spots, dig or auger deep as your RIDGI is.