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SDI Specifications for Non-Composite Floor Deck 200 or architect to determine the suitability for the intended application. . Coverage Thickness Weight. I. Sp.

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Slab Thickness 4.5 in. Composite Properties: ϕMno -. 42.94 in.k. ϕMnf -. 57.78 in.k wslab -. 42 psf. Iav -. 6.3 in4/ft. ϕVnt -. 5970 lbs. DECK TYPE 2" Lok Floor 

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The Steel Deck Institute developed this Standard to determine the nominal This Standard for Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slabs, hereafter referred to as the User Note: Both AISI and SDI now specify steel thickness in terms of design.

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Design Example on Composite Steel Deck Floor. Slabs. Thomas J. The span and concrete dictate the steel deck size and thickness necessary to carry the wet 

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"composite steel deck floor slab" is applied to systems in which the steel deck has 353 specimens were tested to determine strength properties. See Refs. 6 and 8. thickness, td; depth of deck, dd; moment of inertia of steel deck, I:;;; yield 

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Slabs transfer floor and deck loads to steel beams and these beams bear . To calculate the section modulus of the composite section St, the area of the slab width, rather than to its thickness or to some proportion of each.

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A typical example of the decking layout for a composite floor is shown in of the concrete thickness are reflected in the calculation of deflections of the.

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may be a composite metal deck slab with ribs perpendicular to the beam, a haunched steel floor beams framing into steel girders along bay lines. (Fig. 1). The floor of concrete and concrete strength.12,13,14 Thickness of metal deck plate .. strength, when calculated by full interaction theory, is found to be greater than 

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Composite steel floor deck is cold formed steel Thickness: Shall not be less than width.) 3.3 Calculated theoretical deflections of the deck, as a form, shall be.

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Dead load calculations shall always include the full thickness of the deck system. The thickness of bridge decks for prestressed concrete box and slab negative moment regions, composite section property computations shall only include .. AASHTO I-beams or floor systems shall include Note 55 from 

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a one-way concrete slab on non-composite steel deck, including the . Slab analysis begins With the calculation of the thickness for the ribbed 

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Corrugated Steel Decking, B Deck, Mezzanine Decking, ResinDek, Drill Screw Fasteners, Mezzanine Flooring, Deck Panels, Galvanized B Deck, and Roof Deck from your source for material Composite Flooring To calculate price of special lengths, multiply width (3) x special length (in feet) x price per square foot.

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3In composite floor decking, fire rat ing requirements typically control both concrete type and slab thick determine the compatibility of the deck with the 

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VERCO FORMLOK™ and VERCOR™ floor decks provide savings by the elimination of the weight of concrete and FORMLOK deck that the composite slab can . The type and thickness of concrete specified will determine whether.

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For composite and non-composite decks, the Effective Thickness, Poisson's An effective Elastic Modulus can be calculated using the shear 

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Cofraplus 60 corrugated steel decking for composite slab as mating (composite) steel sheet and completely Total thickness of reinforced concrete floor slab range is from 11 to 28 The requirements concerning flame resistance determine.