how to figure out linear feet of a deck

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Building your own deck is a rewarding home project that enhances your family's living space while also increasing the value of your home.

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Square Feet to Lineal Feet Calculator. eDeck sells deck boards by the lineal foot. To figure out how many lineal feet you would need to order, use the simple 

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But, have you wondered how exactly the calculation happens? Deck Calculator, how to, square feet to linear feet calculator on November 18, 

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Decking Calculators on TigerDeck Our decking calculators estimate the lineal feet you'll need to build your TigerDeck or tongue and groove porch. Simply…

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Calculate how many deck boards, hidden fasteners, and screws are needed for Estimating deck flooring materials begins with finding the square footage of 

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determining how many boards are needed. 24" Centers work with 2' and 4' lengthed boards. IE; you have a deck 16 foot wide 8 foot deep you 

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When you are trying to determine linear feet for a certain project, for example a measure the wood in the existing piece and figure out the number of boards 

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What formular do i use to calculate linear feet. building a backyard deck, you will need to able convert square footage into linear feet material.

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Railing should go on all sides of the deck to keep children and pets out. Finish is calculated by square foot. Most paint and stain give coverage 

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Roughly, how can i calculate many linear square feet of space need to for many projects, this means finding the linear feet of material deck, 

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Before staining a deck you need to figure out the deck's total square Measure the linear feet of all the handrails including stair railings.

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Post by ted.delyra » Fri Jul 22, 2005 10:05 pm. I have a deck that is roughly 1300 square feet . What formular do I use to calculate to linear feet. ted.delyra. Top 

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I have a 12' x 24' deck of 288 square feet. I want to run 4" width deck boards on a diagonal of 45 degrees. How do I calculate proper amount of 

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In order to use our coverage calculator, all you need to know is the Square Footage of your deck, Board Width, and floor Joist Spacing that you are using for your 

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Square Footage Calculator. Don't know your square footage? This calculator will give you the square footage of any area no matter if it is a room, deck, side