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Synthetic fuel or synfuel is a liquid fuel, or sometimes gaseous fuel, obtained from syngas, . The definition of synthetic fuel also allows oil sands and oil shale as . During World War II, Germany used synthetic oil manufacturing (German: of materials handling and gasification might be necessary to accommodate a future .

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Today, synthetic materials offer us more durability at a lower cost than the . For example, sugar is a chemical, but chocolate is a mixture of chemicals, one of .

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An overview of the material flows is given for Germany in 1995. Recy . While plastic products, for example, will virtually not result in CO2 emissions in the.

Synthetic particles as contaminants in German beers Taylor .

Synthetic particles as contaminants in German beers. Gerd Liebezeit* . Possible sources of this contamination with foreign materials are discussed. Keywords: .. In all 24 beer samples microplastic was found (Table 1). In.

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The German chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry is the largest in Europe. . petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, synthetic materials, agrochemicals and . and services – to allow companies to collaborate more easily, for example.

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Amazingly, some of Perkin's original dyed samples still exist and remain purple . Chemical research can give rise to useful and valuable materials. . For half a century, Germany dominated the synthetic dyestuffs (and drugs) .

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Photo shows Auschwitz IG Farben factory complex, where synthetic rubber and oil . As the country became increasingly isolated from raw materials, .. The German Biological Society, for example, had a journal called Der .

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The German Engineering Materials Science Centre, GEMS is a central user access platform, where the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht provides a worldwide .

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Germany entered the Great War better prepared than any other nation. . The raw materials need by its factories to produce military equipment was severely . Artificial honey, coffee, gravy, puddings and many other items were developed to . One example of the shortage of food during this time came with the substitution of .

History of the synthetic rubber industry

A war-born material, synthetic rubber became one of the most important . That same year, managers of the German company Bayer decided to offer a price . presented the first sample of synthetically produced polyisoprene.

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Approved Materials for Breast Reconstruction in Germany. In Germany, seven biological matrices and three synthetic meshes have been approved but long-term results, for example the incidence of lasting complications such as capsule .

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The plastic container used for food storage is a classic example of a product made of . Working in Germany at the time, he was overjoyed about a particular finding he had . Rubber material, like a stretchy rubber band, is a great elastomer.

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point of bioeconomy, Germany is presently in an advantageous position. . of supplies of raw materials for the current economy, For example: securing supplies of food Natural raw materials for synthetic fibres, high-tech fibres made of .

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Various biological and synthetic materials have been proposed for use in skeletal chest wall . Bacterial adhesion was quantified by incubating samples in bacterial .. voltage of 80 kV in a Philips SEM 505 (Philips, Eindhoven, Germany).

Vitro Comparison of Biological and Synthetic Materials for Skeletal .

Implant Research and Development, Hannover, Germany. Background. Various . synthetic and 3 biological materials frequently used in. SCWR with respect to . quantiied by incubating samples in bacterial suspen sions (Staphylococcus .

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The German Democratic Republic (GDR) was formed by the Soviets on . as they were made from partially synthetic materials due to cotton shortages. . This is a great example of 'Ostalgie' nostalgia for the former state that .