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A board foot is actually a measure of volume. By definition, a board foot is one square foot, one inch thick. To calculate board footage use the following formulas:

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A board foot (as discussed in What is a Board Foot?) is a volume measurement that is impacted by three dimensions: thickness, width and 

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But flooring, siding and paneling is usually sold by the square foot, no matter what the thickness. Some mills also sell this by the board foot.

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square feet is the product of width (in ft) and length (in ft). You need to measure the widths and multiply each such board by its length, and add 

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Measure by the board foot when buying random widths and random lengths. How To Plan a Woods Now Here's what woodworkers are getting excited about Order Today Walnut Black 1/2" Thick Craft Pack: 10 Square Feet. On Sale!

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A board foot is a standard unit of measure referring to the volume of lumber in a 1 inch by Assuming that the wood being measured is cut into 1-inch-thick boards, then 1 board foot converts to 1 square foot. What is a board foot calculator?

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How many board feet for 2k sq ft of floor the forestry forum. that equal one square foot, such as a board is inch here's what to know 1 bdboard 

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local sawmill, and you'll be told that what you really want is 64 board feet of lumber. that a board foot is a measure of volume equal to a square foot one inch thick. To calculate the number of board feet, use the following formula: Below are some common widths and their equivalent in board feet per foot of length:.

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Date: 01/04/99 at 13:22:14 From: Sam Subject: How many square feet are in a linear foot? Hi, I'm trying to understand what a linear foot is. As I understand it, 

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Determine what thickness of board will be used over the surface area. The nominal thickness for board feet is one inch, but a different thickness 

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Board feet and square feet are not the same thing at all. Board feet is a measurement of volume; it encompasses length, width and height 

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You determine how many linear feet of flooring you need by multiplying your square footage by 12 and then dividing it by the width of your floor boards.

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The square footage of a deck also plays a role in planning your materials cost Calculate the coverage in square feet of each deck board by 

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Directions: Enter any combination of feet and/or inches into the calculator below. You can use this triangle square footage calculator to calculate siding square 

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Instantly Convert Square Feet (sq ft) to Boards (bd) and Many More Area Conversions Online. Square Feet Conversion Charts. Many Other Conversions.

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If your talking about how much surface area it will cover, the answer is 5.5 square feet. 5.5 inches wide by 144 inches long=792 square inches.